About Us

Our Story


We love walking our dog everywhere and whenever possible and we passionately believe that dogs are happiest and healthiest when running around outside, whatever the weather!

We adore our cavapoo, Bonnie, however, we also know, from experience, about the mess dogs can make every day! We would happily take Bonnie on three walks a day but after each walk, we would have to rinse her down or bathe her to get her clean again. This whole process of bathing and drying her would sometimes takes as long as the walk, depending on what mood she was in. Not to mention all the towel washing and drying, as one towel was never quite enough, as any dog owner knows too well.

We searched high and low for a product that would keep her from getting so dirty on walks but was also very comfortable so she could still enjoy herself - something that was easy to get on and off, easy to wash and dry and looked great, of course.

We wanted a lot we know!

None of the products around were ideal: man-made fibres, too big, too small, difficult to get on and off and, most importantly, the dogs didn’t like wearing them.

After much research and trial and error, we finally discovered and invested in a BONBONNIE because what we needed just didn’t exist here.

Until now. 

We love this onesie. And most importantly, so does Bonnie.

And so, BONBONNIE begins…